Last Edited Jan. 07, 2023

Version: 2023


Thanks for enrolling your toddler or preschooler into Kelly Mini Sports. We look forward to teaching them essential skills and a lifelong love of sports in one of our specially designed programmes.


Our programmes consist of ‘Minis’ (for kids aged 1 to 2.5 years old), ‘Bigs’ (for kids aged 2.5 to 3.5 years old), and ‘Giants’ (for kids aged 3.5 to 5 years old), which are collectively referred to as ‘Kelly Mini Sports Programmes’ and ‘Programmes’ in the following Terms & Conditions.

Programme Guidelines

Kelly Mini Sports Programmes are designed for kids and parents/caregivers to participate together in order to make it as fun, safe and successful as possible. To help with this, the following guidelines are in place for everyone to follow:

1. Parents/caregivers are responsible for the safety of their child(ren) at all times, and therefore they are required to join in and remain in the venue for the duration of the programme.

2. Kelly Mini Sports requires all parents/caregivers to check in with the coach when arriving at the programme to indicate attendance and provide a record of parents/caregivers who are onsite for safety purposes. By signing in, parents/caregivers are agreeing to the Kelly Mini Sports Terms & Conditions and other policies.  

3. Our Programmes are active and engaging, so please bring suitable clothing, footwear and a drink bottle.

4. While there will be plenty of drink breaks, we ask parents/caregivers who bring food into Kelly Mini Sports Programmes to ensure that it is not consumed while participating, to avoid disruptions and the risk of choking. 

5. We have Kelly Mini Sports rules that our coaches will set and remind kids and parents/caregivers of throughout the programme. However, as the behaviour of each child is the responsibility of parents/caregivers, we do ask that positive reinforcement strategies are used. Kelly Mini Sports Programmes will be free of physical discipline (i.e. hitting and smacking) and verbal abuse.

6. Kelly Mini Sports Programmes are designed to be inclusive for all kids and their parents/caregivers, however, to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all others in the programme, a coach reserves the right to request the parent/caregiver to remove their child from the programme if they are severely disruptive or jeopardise the safety of others.

Health & Safety

1. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to advise the coach of any medical conditions of their child.

2. To ensure the health of everyone in our Programmes, we ask that unwell kids and/or unwell parents/caregivers do not attend until they are better. If kids or their parents/caregivers are visibly sick, or become unwell during the session, they may be asked to leave.

3. After attending a Kelly Mini Sports Programme, if parents/caregivers become aware of an illness that may have caused a health risk to others, they are to inform Kelly Mini Sports to enable them to seek the appropriate health advice and notify affected people.  

4. For parents/caregivers who have a child with allergies, please be mindful that while Kelly Mini Sports Programmes do not provide food, food containing allergens may be consumed by other children.

5. If an accident was to occur, a basic first aid kit will be available onsite. For serious accidents or illnesses, emergency services should be called, or the parent/caregiver is encouraged to take their child to seek medical attention.

6. Kelly Mini Sports is committed to the recognition and prevention of abuse of children within our Programmes and supports the roles of statutory agencies such as the Police and the Ministry of Children (Oranga Tamariki).


1. Photography: at Kelly Mini Sports we realise that watching your child(ren) participate in our Programmes and try new skills (often for the first time) is a special moment, one that you may like to take photos/videos (“Footage”) of. We also appreciate that, in a world where Footage can be captured/posted instantly, parents/caregivers have different perspectives when it comes to their child(ren) being recorded. We want to respect the point of view of all parents/caregivers and children in our Programmes, with the underlying intention of creating a fun, safe and secure environment. We therefore require parents/caregivers to follow and respect the following instructions if taking Footage in our Programmes:

1.1. Footage taken must not interfere with the Programme;

1.2. Your child must be the only one in focus in the Footage, other children or their parents/caregivers must not be captured;

1.3. If your child would like Footage taken of them with the Programme coach, please ask the coach for their consent first;

1.4. If parents/caregivers are concerned with Footage being taken by another person, they are asked to please bring this to the attention of the coach;

1.5. Kelly Mini Sports coaches reserve the right to view any Footage taken and delete anything that is in breach of these instructions;

1.6. If Footage taken is in breach of these instructions, the parent/caregiver may be asked to leave the Programme, and not attend future Programmes.

2. Copyright: Kelly Mini Sports owns the Programme content, material, equipment, intellectual property and all other associated rights. Parents/caregivers undertake not to record (including video/photo footage) for the purpose of copying or reproducing without the prior written authorisation from Kelly Mini Sports.

3. Advertising: Kelly Mini Sports Programmes will occasionally be videoed or photographed and footage may be used for promotional or training purposes. You consent to footage of your child being used for these purposes, however, we will endeavour to contact you to seek your permission prior to footage being used more widely.

4. Personal Information: Kelly Mini Sports collect, use and share your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The most current version of our Privacy Policy can be found below.

Attendance & Fees:

1. Enrolling in a Kelly Mini Sports Programme secures a booking for the duration of the whole programme. Irrespective of attendance, payment is on a per programme basis and is expected by the date due on the invoice. Parents/caregivers and children are responsible for programme attendance.

2. Missed Programmes: You can make up a Programme you have missed on a different day, provided this is within the term you have booked and is subject to availability. Please get in touch with your Kelly Mini Sports coach in advance of attendance to confirm availability. Unfortunately, Kelly Mini Sports does not offer refunds for missed Programmes or early withdrawal from a Programme.

3. Cancelled Programmes: If a Programme has to be cancelled and a catch-up is not available in the booked term, that fee will be carried forward and credited to the next term.

4. Kelly Mini Sports Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been read, understood and accepted by parents/caregivers upon payment of the Programme fees.

Indemnity & Liability

1. Parents/caregivers agree to indemnify Kelly Mini Sports against all costs, whether commissions, legal fees or otherwise, incurred by Kelly Mini Sports or their duly Authorised Agents relating to the recovery of any monies that may be outstanding from time to time pursuant to the terms of this agreement.

2. Kelly Mini Sports, its coaches, employees, directors, franchisees, or agents, accept no liability for any injury, damage or loss caused to or suffered by any person or to the property of any person arising from the use of our Programmes.

3. Parents/caregivers indemnify Kelly Mini Sports against all direct and reasonable loss, liability, costs and expenses Kelly Mini Sports incurs as a consequence of any wilful or negligent action (or inaction) by the parent/caregiver or the child.